Article Marketing: You Want To Improve Your Article Click Through Rate?

We all know the holy grail of article marketing is that all-important, often times elusive, click through to your website. Isn’t that why we write and submit articles? To get that traffic? Of course it is. But in order for you to improve your click through rate, people have to read your article. If they don’t, you get no clicks and no traffic from your efforts.

3 Elements to Improve Your Article Click Through Rate

Now let’s take a moment and discuss how to improve the most important elements of your article in order to increase your article click through rate.

First, you need an attention-grabbing headline.

I’m pretty sure that comes as no big surprise. Your headline, or title, has a specific purpose and that is to peak the reader’s interest enough so they read your article. Now, I’m not saying you need to be deceptive or make outrageous claims in your title. But it can certainly be witty, or whimsical, or emotional, or arouse curiosity, and, okay, maybe a little outrageous. The point is… DON’T make it boring.

There’s more to your title than just the keywords for the search engines. Yes, that’s important, but, again, you want to create interest in your article. By all means, use trigger words. You can talk about tips and tricks, benefits, mistakes, how to, on an on. Using trigger words in your title has proven over time that they work.

Your next step is to open with an interesting paragraph.

You got the reader past the headline, now you need to build on the momentum and draw the reader in. You only have a few sentences, at most, to keep the reader’s attention, so take some time with the opener.

There are any number of techniques you can use. You can target our hot buttons, use scarcity,  or stir up some controversy. Then there is my personal favorite… use humor! Your goal is to hold on to your reader so they read through to the end of your article and click through to your website. Undoubtedly your article click through rate will improve.

The next critical element of your article is a persuasive call to action in your resource, or bio, box.

Please do not make the mistake of talking about yourself… the reader doesn’t care. If someone just spent 5 minutes reading your article, chances are they are interested in the subject and want more information… about the subject, not you. This is where you would offer them more… something irresistible, something of value for free, something that would motivate them to visit your website.

Creating a resource box can be a bit daunting at first. I suggest you go to your favorite article directory and check out what other successful marketers are doing. Look at the bios and pay close attention to those that make you want to click through to their website.


So there you have it… your headline, your opening paragraph, your call to action. The more articles you write, the easier it will become. But if you concentrate on these three elements of your article, you should see an increase in your article click through rate.


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