Tips to Get You Started with Your Article Bio Box

You’re finishing your article, leading into your last paragraph or article bio box. You probably already know the actual writing of your bio box is everything, and often times the most difficult part. So now what do you do?

For one thing, this is where you need your call to action, which surprisingly, many writers new to the game fail to deliver. The purpose of your bio box is to get the reader to visit your site and join your list. Most marketers have come to realize that offering something of value gets results.

Tips on What to Offer in Your Article Bio Box 

What you need to do at this point is to determine what you will offer in your bio box as an incentive to visit your website. Ideally you want to offer something of value… make your readers an offer they can’t refuse.

Things to Offer: Report

One of the most popular items to use to entice your readers is to offer a well-written report on the subject of your article or relevant to your product/service. Think about it for a minute. Your readers stopped what they were doing to read your article. Why? Because they were interested in what you had to say on a topic they have an interest in. So it stands to reason they would want more information, usually in the form of a report.

Some say reports and ebooks are old-school and becoming irrelevant. I say hogwash… information, no matter how it is delivered, will always be a much sought-after commodity.

Things to Offer: “How To” Video

Videos are great tools for information and instruction and how to videos are wildly popular. While some people have no problem taking the time to read a 20-30 page report, others may not have the luxury of time. A short video outlining your product or service, or expanding on the topic of your article will surely make your readers want even more.

Just a word of caution here. Speaking for myself, if I don’t have 30 minutes to read a report, I also don’t have time to sit through a 20 minute video. You want to make it just long enough to engage your readers so they will want to go to your website for more.

Things to Offer: Software

Yeah, baby… now you’re cooking. Everybody loves and wants software! Everybody wants and needs tools to make their daily tasks easier, simpler, faster, more efficient, on and on… you get the idea here. Just make sure it’s relevant to your topic or product/service. If you’re talking about baby care, and the product you offer on your website is the latest, greatest baby monitor, you don’t want to offer your readers article submission software.

Put yourself in your readers’ place and ask yourself “what would I want that would fit?” Unless your answer to yourself is something outlandish, I’m pretty sure whatever you want or find useful, your readers would probably want and find useful, too.

Things to Offer: Coaching

If you’ve established yourself as someone who is honest and credible in your niche, your readers would want to follow your lead. Lot’s of marketers offer a coaching program, but not all of them actually work the program they offer. How rude! With your reputation established, you could offer a coaching program, combined with the aforementioned “how to” videos, and you have a killer product many would sign up and pay for.


Okay, now you have an idea of what to offer your readers as as incentive to visit your website. They’ve already read your article and now you need to “seal the deal.” This is your last opportunity to make a good first impression… your article bio box is that important.


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